Deciding on The Right First Move


What’s the best first move to make?

This simple question has resulted in more business paralysis than perhaps any other. Guess what, it’s not that complicated! 

Whatever you do first is the right first move.


For one, you’ll never be able to evaluate a different first move as being better or worse. You only have one first move.

For two, any forward motion is positive motion. Granted, some things don’t always go as planned. However, as long as you’re making things happen – you’re making the right moves.

Start brainstorming business plans. Write up a mission statement. Start seeing if anyone else is interested in partnering with you. 

Don’t wait for the magical first move that’s going to make you an overnight success. it doesn’t exist. 

Instead, take whatever moves are available to you right now. What will advance your business?

Do you need to buy some more high quality content for your blog? Do you need to invest in a new fancy logo? Should you hire a virtual assistant?

By no means should you act without thinking. That’s not what I’m getting at. Instead, act thoughtfully and mindfully.

That’s how you’ll powerfully build your business.